Foot Bath Therapy Can Help to Reduce Dialysis for Patients with CKD

2016-03-28 15:50

Foot Bath Therapy Can Help to Reduce Dialysis for Patients with CKDCan Foot Bath Therapy help to reduce Dialysis for Patients with CKD? Take dialysis as the method to treat CKD is the most common scene at present. That is due to the rapid and effective of dialysis treatment. Extremes meet, so that dialysis is also bring so many harm to patients.

Is There Any Treatment Can Reduce Dialysis?

Most patients want to know about that question. In fact, if patients want to reduce dialysis they should treat their disease from the root. Chinese medicine is famous of its function to treat diseases from the root. So that may be Chinese Medicine Therapy will be the better way for patients.

Foot Bath Therapy is one of the Top Seven Chinese Medicine Treatments of the Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. All medicines in this therapy are from the natural Chinese herbs. So that patients do not have to worry about the side effects of it.

This therapy use the Chinese medicine warm water to soak patients’ feet and stimulate the acupuncture points, then the kidney will respond. Thus will increase the vitality of kidney. It is conducive to recovery of renal function. Once the function start to work the kidney will able to discharge the toxins and waste by itself. So that patients can avoid to take dialysis for a while.

This therapy can be matched with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and oral Chinese medicine to treat CKD. Thus will repair the kidney damage well and extend the period of illness onset.

Patients who still have a certain urine output is much suitable for this kind therapy to avoid dialysis. Because the medicine will into kidney and lesion with the blood circulation. Urine output means kidney still have blood through, that can help the medicine into kidney directly.

If you want to get more treatments and advice to treat CKD from its root or want to avoid dialysis, please us an email about your questions and situations. We will do our best to help you for your problems.

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