Does Foot Bath Therapy Really Can Help Reduce Creatinine More Than 5.8

2016-03-27 14:24

Does Foot Bath Therapy Really Can Help Reduce Creatinine More Than 5.8Does Foot Bath Therapy really can help reduce Creatinine more than 5.8? There must have some reasons for people to care more about Serum creatinine level. That is the most obvious sign for patients to know about their conditions of kidney health.

What Does Creatinine More Than 5.8 Mean?

Actually, this is a really high level for patients, because according to the CKD staging, that is belongs to Stage 4 CKD, which also called Kidney failure. Patients in this period only have 10% to 20% kidney function. In most countries, the doctors will advice patients to take dialysis and wait for renal resources to have kidney transplant surgery. But we do not support this kind of choice. Because it can not really cure CKD or kidney failure.

What Is The Better Way?

Foot Bath Therapy will help patients alleviate all kinds of symptoms too. It uses the Chinese Medicine warm water to soak patients’ feet to stimulate the foot acupoints. The kidney will receive the stimulation from foot acupoints and have reaction. So that the kidney will have the vitality again. Thus the kidney damage will be disappear, kidney function will come back naturally.

Moreover, Foot Bath Therapy is the alternative to dialysis in some degree. Because the therapy will help kidney work again and that will improve kidney function and make the creatinine come back to normal level.

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What else you want to know:
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