Foot Bath Therapy As The Alternative to Dialysis for Kidney Failure

2016-03-24 16:03

Foot Bath Therapy As The Alternative to Dialysis for Kidney FailureDialysis has become into the most common method for patients with Kidney Failure to alleviate the symptoms. Due to the bad effects of kidney failure for patients, they have to take dialysis without any choice. In fact, patients who do not want to dialysis are also have alternative treatment to reduce the symptoms.

What Is the Alternative Treatment to Dialysis?

I can tell you the alternative treatment directly, that is Chinese medicine therapy. People who do not dialysis anymore is because of the painful and side effects. While Chinese medicine has no side effects. Foot Bath Therapy is a kind of Chinese medicine therapy, which uses the warm Chinese medicine water to soak patients’ feet in order to stimulate the acupuncture points, so that kidney cells can be activated.

Once the kidneys revitalization, it will start to work again. Kidney function will be recovered and the damage will be repaired at the same time. That will be the most important point to changeover the kidney failure.

Why It Can Alternative to Dialysis?

Foot Bath Therapy is also have the ability to eliminate the toxins and waste in human body. People take dialysis with the purpose to help kidney discharge the toxins, waste and the unless water. From this shape, that foot bath therapy can be the alternative to dialysis. Furthermore, there is one more things, that foot bath therapy can help patients to reduce the times of dialysis or get rid of it.

Foot bath is suitable for the patients who still have some certain urine volume, the medicine need to get into lesion with blood, no urine means no blood. So if you want to have a way instead of dialysis, please send us an email to, or you can contact us with viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882. We will help you find the right way for your illnesses.

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