Use Stem Cell Therapy to Treat CKD Without Dialysis

2016-03-18 14:22

Use Stem Cell Therapy to Treat CKD Without DialysisUse stem cell therapy to treat CKD without dialysis. Due to the common use of dialysis and the technology level that lots of patients have no idea about other treatment to CKD. Dialysis is no longer the first choice for patients with CKD because of various of reasons.

Why Patients Want to Have Other Treatment Without Dialysis?

Dialysis is also called artificial kidney which means it will use as a kidney to work for people with CKD. But it is not really kidney at all. Although it have the ability to reduce high creatinine level and release symptoms of CKD quickly, help patients from some degree. But patients need a treatment which can make them fell much better and do not have to bear painful for a long time. However dialysis can not stop once patients started it. Weakness will confusing patients for the rest of their life.

Why Stem Cell Therapy Can Be Use to Treat CKD?

Stem cell therapy is new method to treat all kinds of kidney disease. The core of it is to use the cells come from patients’ own body in the bone marrow. Transplant them into kidney after isolation in vitro and then they will produce lots of daughter cells to become into kidney cells to support the work of kidney. That will improve the local kidney microcirculation, alleviate the kidney anoxia and kidney anemia,promote the whole body blood circulation to have a constantly recover and improvement. Thus kidney will have a better environment to flow enough blood to support kidney. That is the reason of why stem cell therapy can be used to treat CKD.

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