Can Kidney Disease with Creatinine 4.6 Be Recovered Avoid Dialysis

2016-02-14 17:18

Can kidney disease with creatinine 4.6 be RecoveredFrom the creatinine level we can know that the disease has entered in stage 3 kidney disease, in this stage the patient will suffer more symptoms and complications, such as protein urine and blood urine, so they are eager to get out of this disease.

Can kidney disease with creatinine 3.6 be reversed?

In fact, stage 3 is a vital stage in kidney disease, also the kidneys have been damage in some degree, but there are still left some kidneys can work normally. So with timely treatment, it can be reversed. However, if you would not be able to receive the treatment timely, then the reversed rate will be reduced gradually.

The high creatinine, which means high toxins in the body and it also reflect many nephrons have been damaged. As time goes on, if the patient cannot control their disease effectively, it will goes to worse. What's more, it will affect other tissues or organs through blood circulation.

What treatment can help kidney disease patient to treat their disease?

Traditional Chinese Herbal Therapy and immunotherapy are helpful for enlarging blood vessels and promote blood circulation as well as eliminate the toxins which deposit in kidney area, thus achieving a goal of treating kidney disease. In addition, Traditional Chinese Herb medicine can help the patient prevent the further damage of the kidney function, and to control the complications effectively.

From the above we can know that if kidney disease patient with creatinine 3.6 can receive the systematic and scientific treatment on time, they may get a chance to reverse their disease.

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