Is Dialysis a Must Choice for Kidney Failure Patient with GFR 12.6

2016-02-08 10:39

Is Dialysis a Must Choice for Kidney Failure Patient with GFR 12.6Is Dialysis a must choice for Kidney Failure patient with GFR 12.6? As we all know that dialysis is one of the most common treatment of kidney failure, in general, for patient with GFR lower than 15 they should take dialysis but not all the patient need to take dialysis.

It is known that creatinine level is one of the indicator of kidney disease, it may will not increase only after the kidney function down to 50%. Actually, GFR is different with creatinine, it is one of the sensitive indicator of kidney disease. Once your GFR is lower to 12.6, that means you are now in End Stage Renal Disease and your kidney has been damaged seriously. Generally speaking, people need to take dialysis to relieve those symptoms induced by it. But for patient has no obviously symptoms they can delay the times to take it, or choose other ways to deal with this disease.

Is there any other ways to treat kiney failuer with GFR 12.6?

Chinese Herb Medicine is one of the best choice for patient with so lower GFR level, it can help the patient relieve the symptoms and repair the damaged renal functions at the same time. So with the help of it, the patient may have a chance to avoid dialysis. But the Chinese Herb Medicine we mentioned above is not meant to one single therapy, it is a series of cure methods based on TCM. Among them Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the representative one, it has remarkable curative effect in treating kidney disease. Cooperate with other methods, it can solve the kidney problems from underlying reasons.

From the above we know that for people with GFR 12.6 but with no other symptoms, they can choose Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as an alternative therapy of dialysis, it can improve kidney function greatly. If you are interested in it or want to treat kidney failure without dialysis, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

So if you also want to try our therapy, you can send emails to, or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882.

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