Is Dialysis the Best Choice for Patient with Creatinine 8.3

2016-02-03 16:54

Is Dialysis the Best Choice for Patient with Creatinine 8.3?I always feel vomiting, fatigue and Is Dialysis the best choice for patient with creatinine 8.3? Usually, doctor will recommend dialysis to patients with high creatinine level, so that they can prolong their life span. But, meanwhile the patient also will suffer some pains caused by dialysis.

What is creatinine?

Creatinine is generated from muscle catabolism and the meat you consume. Under normal circumstance, they can be discharged from body by kidneys. Once kidneys go wrong, they will build up in the blood and cause further damage to kidneys. As the toxin, it should be removed through the kidneys, once it increases, there is just 30%-50% kidney function left.

Is dialysis the best choice for patient with creatinine 8.3?

Dialysis is the quickest way to clear part of the toxin out of body, but it can’t treat kidney disease and recover the damaged glomerulus. Since your kidney function is damaged, these toxin can't be expelled out of your body, so they leave in your body, including the micromolecule toxin(such as creatinine, blood urea and uric acid), the middle molecule toxin(such as the Cys-C and PTH) and the macromolecule toxin(such as the HCY, RBP and the BMG). But dialysis is only able to discharge the micromolecule toxin, it can’t clear away the middle molecule toxin and the macromolecule toxin. With so much toxin in body, it’s easy to catch heart failure. Dialysis also causes many side effects, such as fatigue, muscle cramps, itchy skin and infection. What’s more, dialysis impacts heart, almost half of dialysis patients died from heart problem.

so in our day, we do not suggest the patient take the dialysis, instead we suggest Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy-a perfect alternative treatment of dialysis, which can help kidney disease patient live a quality life without dialysis.  

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