How to Treat PKD with GFR 30 using Chinese Medicine Without Dialsis

2016-02-01 10:23

How to Treat PKD with GFR 30 using Chinese Medicine Without DialsisHow to treat PKD with GFR 30 using Chinese medicine? Patients suffered from vomiting, backache and fatigue. If you have similar doubt, read on to find more useful information.

Hi, Sir, we have got your inquiry and feel sorry to hear your diagnosis of PKD and GFR 30. Please do not worry. We will try our best to share free help for your best improvement.

In order to offer you with suggestions on the best treatment, we need to know more about your illness condition such as age, medical history, opted treatment, overall health situation, etc.

With the advancement of modern medical technology, effective therapy has been developed in China to help you manage your PKD and GFR 30 well. the main treatment is Chinese Herbal Medicine and assisted with western medicine. With the help of this treatment, the kidney functions got repaired and improved after our specific Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment, GFR is become stable gradually. The remedy is known as Hot Compress Therapy.

How can Hot Compress Therapy help treat your disease effectively? Certain Chinese herb medicines are micronized into small molecules that can get to kidney lesion directly with the help of modern osmosis device. Then, the medicine takes effect to stop the further growth of renal cysts, shrink the cysts gradually in size, increase blood and oxygen supply to the kidneys, repair the damaged kidneys, thus gradually raising the GFR level. Under this treatment, your disease will not deteriorate in the future and your discomforts will disappear fundamentally.

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