How to Treat Small Cyst in Kidney Ruptures with Chinese Medicine,Avoiding Dialysis

2016-01-21 16:59

How to Treat Small Cyst in Kidney Ruptures with Chinese MedicineWhat to do when small cyst in kidney ruptures? Kidney cyst refers to fluid collection which enlarges over time in cases of PKD. When they enlarge to a certain size, they rupture easily and they may rupture due to slight knock on kidney location. Under such a condition, patients need to do something to avoid worsening of illness. 

In cases of PKD, when cysts rupture, cystic fluid will flow around. Cystic fluid may flow to enterocoelia and thus cause peritonitis which is life-threatening if not treated timely.

Besides, when cyst in kidney ruptures, kidney infection appears easily and this may cause pain feeling in kidney location and blood urine.

As rupture of kidney cyst may cause so many serious conditions, when cyst in kidney ruptures, we need to go to doctors as soon as possible for proper management, so as to avoid peritonitis, kidney infection and blood urine.     

For patients with ruptured kidney cyst, once peritonitis is caused, medical measures will be needed. In mild cases, some oral medications that can help to deal with peritonitis are needed. However, in serious cases, surgery may be applied.  

As for kidney infection caused by rupture of kidney cyst, in mild cases, no medication is needed. In that case, what patients need to do is to drink much more water.  

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