Is There any Treatment for End Stage Renal Failure Without Dialysis

2016-01-15 16:11

Is There any Treatment for End Stage Renal Failure Without Dialysis“Hello, doctor. My father is Renal Failure patient. His creatinine is 880 and get rid of dialysis.Generally speaking, dialysis is a life-saving treatment for people with end stage renal failure. However,the patients’ life will be changed dramatically after it is initiated. So many patients may choose not to start dialysis or stopping it.

How long can a person live with end stage renal failure without dialysis? The life expectancy varies from individual to individual as it is affected by variables.

For the patients with end stage renal failure who do not start dialysis, the patients can live for months and even years if the complications can be controlled well.The good news is that if they can receive aggressive treatment,they may be able to enhance their renal function and avoid the onset of dialysis.

However, if the patients have been on Dialysis for a long time, but choose to stop dialysis now, they may only live for only about a week.

As your kidneys cannot filter out the potassium your consume fast enough,it will cause your heart to beat irregularly. If you have failed to produce urine, your vascular system will become flooded with fluid and your heart will not be able to keep up with the increased volume, thus causing heart attack.

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