Is Necessary to Take Dialysis for 12% Kidney Function Patients

2015-12-29 16:33

Is Necessary to Take Dialysis for 12% Kidney Function PatientsGenerally speaking, one diabetic has kidney failure, he or she may be suggested to begin dialysis earlier. This is because diabetes, compared with other causes, can cause more severe complications. 12% kidney function indicates kidney disease has developed to end stage kidney failure. Here, you may ask: does a diabetic with 12% kidney function need dialysis?

How does diabetes cause kidney failure?

In our body, healthy kidneys can maintain clean internal environment by removing waste products and toxins from the body. Diabetes can damage this system, because high levels of blood glucose make kidneys filter too much blood. This extra work is too hard on kidney filters and then kidney functioning cells and tissues are damaged gradually. When patients’ kidney function declines to 15% or less, it indicates patients’ kidney function has developed into kidney failure.

Does a diabetic with 12% kidney function need dialysis?

12% kidney function means patients’ illness condition has developed to renal failure. In clinic, diabetics with renal failure are suggested to begin dialysis early, because they usually have more complications than others and some of these complications are even life-threatening. For people with diabetic kidney disease, timely and adequate dialysis can help not only purify blood but also control blood sugar. However, dialysis isn’t an easy treatment even for fittest people.

Is dialysis a must for these patients?

If they have severe complications such as acidosis and hyperkalemia, they should accept dialysis treatment as soon as possible. If no, they still have other treatment options.

Well control of blood sugar, managing the metabolic disorders and repairing damaged kidney cells are basic requirements of treatment to help patients get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant. Besides, eliminating metabolic wastes from the body timely can protect kidneys and other organs from attack again. Only if these aspects are achieved, diabetic with 12% kidney function can live without dialysis. If anything unclear, feel free to let us know.

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