Is It True That in China Only Takes Dialysis Twice A Week

2018-02-09 16:27

Is it true that in China only takes Dialysis twice a week? " It is a question of India scored a patient in our Mailbox, The next article, we'll tell the truth about the Dialysis for renal failure patients in China or you can Consult our ONLINE DOCTOR directly for free help.

Dialysis is the replacement to Save the Life of patients with renal failure, since it is the fastest way to purify the blood and control some serious symptoms of kidney failure. However, dialysis can't restore the renal function, patients need to take regularly, about 2 - 4 times a week, and frequency of Dialysis should be based on the illness conditions. If you have sever edema that doctor maybe increase the times of dialysis for controlling your illness conditions, if you reduce the times of dialysis that it will threaten your life. So it is hard for you to reduce the times of dialysis.

In fact, patients with renal insufficiency may also need to take 3 - 4 times a week of Dialysis in China. However, if the patients can take the alternative treatment to remedy their kidneys, which will have a great opportunity to reduce the times of Dialysis, or even to stop dialysis.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute (the largest Specialized Hospital of Renal Disease in China, lots of experts developed the systematic treatments for treating kidney disease in more than 30 years, which is a breakthrough in kidney field. Systematic treatments include: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Full Bath Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Immunotherapy, Toxin-Removing Treatment, Moxibustion Therapy, Acupuncture, Hot Compress Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Steam Therapy, Cupping Therapy, etc. All of these Therapies are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and are more natural can Remedy renal failure from the root.

The systematic treatments can Discharge toxins and waste out of the Blood, increase blood volume and bring more nutrients and Oxygen to Kidney, regulate the immune system and prevent further Kidney Damage. Systematic treatment Can repair the damaged Kidney cells and improve renal function effectively. Once the kidneys may work Fine, so you can reduce the times of Dialysis or even stop.

If you are searching methods for avoiding dialysis, you can send your report and phone to, or leave a message below that our doctor will analysis it for you in free. Of course, you can contact us directly:

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