Alternative Treatments Treat Damaged Kidney To Avoid Dialysis

2018-02-04 14:33

Due to all kinds of reasons, more and more people want to get rid of Dialysis. They want to know if there are other treatments to treat damaged kidney for avoiding dialysis. Then, what are the Alternative Treatments for damaged kidney? How can i get it? If you are facing the same problem, please following this article or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR in free to get the answer in directly.

If you want to avoid dialysis that you need to repair damaged kidney, improve kidney function, rebuild kidney structures.

When Improving renal function, kidney can eliminate Waste and Excess Fluid out naturally. In this condition, dialysis is not necessary. Or we can say that you can stop dialysis in gradually.

To improve renal function, you can try the following treatments:

1. Polluted Blood Therapy

The therapy is aimed at treating the contaminated blood flow through the Blood purification and supplementation of elements to restore and renew damaged nephrons in thoroughly. In the therapy of Blood Contamination, several methods for the purification of the Blood, such as Exchange of the blood plasma and hemoperfusion Absorption, immune hemofiltration, etc. The Therapy can remove the Stasis of blood and toxins out of the body. In addition, this Therapy can provide different types of deficient Elements, as well as to take effective Medicine on the basis of the Status of each type of hemocyte detrimental, Harmful degree of Blood coagulation Mechanism and hematopoiesis, secretion and Metabolism. The Therapy of Blood contamination contributes to Recovery of renal damage.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The therapy is now becoming more and more popular, because it is like a massage and causes no Side Effects. Patients only need to lie on the bed for 40-50 minutes. Externally doctor will put tow medicated bags on shenshu area. the active ingredients can directly enter Kidney lesions with osmotic machine. This Therapy has functions of dilation of blood vessels, expending blood vessels, improving blood circulations, anti coagulation, anti inflammation and degradation. These functions help to repair the renal Damage and improve renal function. When Improving the renal function, dialysis can be avoided successfully.

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