Can You Help My Friend with GFR 10%, Creatinine 1100 Avoid Dialysis

2017-05-15 10:29

Hi, I have a friend with GFR at 10% and was told he requires Dialysis. But he is reluctant to do so. Can you help him at Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute for lowering Creatinine 1100?

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Frankly speaking, Dialysis is a nightmare for some Kidney Failure patients, and then they will find alternative treatments to avoid Dialysis.

GFR is the best indicator to measure your kidney function and your Kidney Disease Stage. As your friend’s condition, he has GFR 10%, which means he is in End Stage Renal Disease. As a matter of fact, GFR is not the only indicator to decide a patient dialysis or not. Except for GFR, High Creatinine Level, severe symptoms patient has, and complications also are the factors.

Creatinine 1100 is far beyond the normal level that means the extra toxins and wastes accumulate in the blood and his life is threatened. Thus if your friend has severe symptoms also, he need take dialysis as soon as possible to stabilize the condition, which is the quickest way to lower high creatinine. However, it is just the temporary solution. Toxin-Removing Treatment will be used in our hospital-- Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute to repair kidney damage and improve GFR 10%.

This therapy combines a series of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, which is made according to the specific illness condition of patients. The Chinese medicines can remove large amount of wastes out of the body and provide clean internal environment for kidney repair and further medication application. Besides, they can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and provide enough nutrients, oxygen to kidney lesion. With the continuous treatment, his kidney function will be improved gradually. Creatinine 1100 also is reduced naturally. In this case, he can reduce dialysis frequency and avoid it finally.

You may have a brief understanding about Toxin-Removing Treatment for GFR 10% and creatinine 1100. If you want to try Chinese treatments replace dialysis and save your kidney, you can leave a message below or email to We will reply you ASAP.

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