Stage 4 CKD from Type 2 Diabetes How to Avoid Dialysis or Transplant

2014-04-21 23:18

I am asking about Stage 4 CKD from Type 2 Diabetes. My father, 61 years old, is suffering from this disorder. Could you please share information on effective treatment to help him avoid dialysis or transplant? Thanks.

kidney disease expert

Hello, Sir, according to your description, your 61 years old father is suffering from Stage 4 CKD from Type 2 Diabetes. Please do not worry. As long as he can take prompt and effective treatment, he will avoid dialysis or kidney transplant successfully.

However, without knowing his comprehensive disease information, we cannot provide you with suggestions on the best treatment. So, if you would like to know personalized advice, please Email us at with his detailed disease condition such as his medical history, current renal function, adopted treatment, and general health condition. Our kidney doctor will analyze it and reply you soon.

Many years’ clinical practices have proven that Top Seven TCM Therapies are quite effective to treat renal disease and help patients prevent dialysis or transplant. To learn more detailed introduction, please click Here

Apart from medical treatment, it is also essential for your father to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat a proper diet. Do proper exercises. Take medicines according to the doctor’s prescription. Quite smoking. Whenever you have any question about managing his disease, please let us know. Glad to share free help. Thanks for your time. Take care please!

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