Alternative Treatment of Dialysis for Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2017-04-16 16:37

I have stage 4 Kidney Failure and my kidney doctor wants to put me on Dialysis but I have refused this type treatment. I am trying to find alternative treatment for stage 4 kidney failure.

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As a matter of fact, in Kidney Failure, it refers to our kidneys are damaged seriously so that many toxic substances and extra wastes accumulate in our blood. For most of western doctors, they will ask the patients to undergo Dialysis to expel these toxins.

Dialysis will remove some micromolecule toxins out body, such as Creatinine, BUN, and UR. So it’s do works well for patients in a period. In fact, dialysis is not very bad for kidney disease patient, what dangerous is the complications of dialysis, especially for old age people. With dialysis going, patient will rely on dialysis more and more. One of the complications of dialysis is the urine volume will be less step by step.

To be frankly, dialysis is no longer the only choice for kidney failure patients. According to your requirement, you want to avoid dialysis, but do you find the alternative treatment for stage 4 Kidney Failure?

If no, in China, there are a series of Chinese medicine treatments to help you repair your damaged kidney tissues and cells as well as improve your kidney function from the root. In this way, you are able to avoid dialysis successfully.

We call these Chinese treatments is Toxin-Removing Therapy in a general term. The active substances of Chinese medicines can extend blood vessels, increase blood circulation, regulate immune system, prevent inflammation and coagulation, and provide nutrients and oxygen to kidney. Kidney functions can be improved gradually. And the symptoms of kidney failure can be treated fundamentally.

If you do not find alternative treatment of dialysis for kidney failure, you can try our Chinese Toxin-Removing Treatment. Only restore the kidney lesion can your symptoms be treated well. If you have any doubt, please leave message in the below. Have a great day!

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