How to Reduce Creatinine 2.5 and BUN 4.5 in CKD Naturally

2017-03-18 11:59

My father has kidney problem lately, he was diagnosed with CKD. Blood test shows the BUN level is 4.5mg/dl, and the creatinine is 2.5mg/dl. What should we do?

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According to your father’s condition, I have to say that he is in a pivotal stage, because his Creatinine level is a little high. He has a great chance to be reversed if he takes timely and systemic treatment to repair damaged kidney tissues and cells and improve kidney function.

The common treatment for CKD

When patients have Kidney Disease, their doctors will give them some western medicines which can relieve the disease condition, such as Hormone, Immunosuppressor, etc. These can make them feel their disease get better. But actually, their kidney damaged day by day, because kidney disease caused by kidney cells damaged. If you want to treat kidney disease, you have to repair damaged kidney cells.

What treatment can help repair damaged kidney cells?

Here I recommend you Toxin-Removing Therapy. It is a systemic treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can cleanse the blood and kidney intrinsic cells first to provide good condition and environment for the further medicine and self-healing of kidney. It can also repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells and recover kidney function through extending blood vessels, increasing blood circulation to accelerate the secretion of toxins and wastes, preventing inflammation and coagulation, and providing nutrients and blood to kidney.

Gradually kidney function can be improved well and creatinine level 2.5 and BUN 4.5 can be reduced naturally. You have a great chance of living a better life no Dialysis.

Hope you do not miss the best time for your disease treatment. If you want to know more details about our treatment or our hospital, you can leave message below or consult ONLINE DOCTOR for free. Best wishes!

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