FSGS Stage 4 and Creatinine 4.4 Can Hot Compress Therapy Help

2014-04-15 23:21

Hello, doctor, I am a patient with FSGS Stage 4 and creatinine 4.4. I am wondering to know whether Hot Compress Therapy can help treat my disease? Would like to try any way to prevent dialysis or a kidney transplant. Thanks a lot.

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How are you? Thanks for your consulting us. Sorry to hear your diagnosis of FSGS Stage 4 and creatinine 4.4. We will try our best to share help to assist you stop the disease’s aggravation. Then, you can prevent dialysis or kidney transplant successfully.

Hot Compress Therapy works on FSGS though degrading out these immune complexes. As you get diagnosed with this disorder, you much have done a biopsy test, which may reflected the deposit of IgM and C3 in kidneys. These things are the main cause of renal impairment and decline of kidney capacity. In addition, another feature of the disease is fibrosis in interstitial area.

To provide you with individualized suggestion, we would like to know your detailed disease situation including your age, current kidney function, adopted treatment, co-existing diseases, and overall health state. You can Email us at huaxiainstitute@hotmail.com with such information. Our doctor will reply you soon!

If you can take Hot Compress Therapy in time, your diagnosis of FSGS Stage 4 and creatinine 4.4 can be managed well. Kidney Failure can be avoided. To learn more information about our featured treatments, you can click Here. Thanks for your time! 

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