How Do We Lower Creatinine 12.60 and Urea 143 on Dialysis

2017-02-22 15:00

My husband is on Dialysis for last 2 years. Recent report shows Creatinine level 12.60 and urea 143, he gets breathlessness time to time. How do we lower these numbers?

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According to your description, you may not know the underlying cause of High Creatinine Level and Urea level or even some Dialysis information.

- High Creatinine Level

Many patients confuse the relationship between kidney damage and creatinine. They think that creatinine is the cause of Kidney Disease. Therefore, if creatinine is reduced, the disease will recover. As a matter of fact, they reverse the cause and effect completely. Creatinine itself is not toxic at all and it is just a sigh of kidney damage severity.

The treatment goal should focus on repairing impaired kidney structure and improving kidney function.

- Dialysis

Even though dialysis can help us excrete extra water and toxins in our body instead of kidney, long-time dialysis makes patients have strong dependency and cause so many dangers in potential, such as low blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, skin itching, and breathlessness and so on. In addition, it will finally cause complete sclerosis of kidney.

- Chinese Herbal Medicine

The correct and effective treatment should be repairing kidney damage and restore kidney function from its origin and gradually lower high creatinine level 12.60 and urea 143, which are dialysis can not do. Toxin-Removing Therapy as a systemic treatment is created to help lower creatinine and urea through repairing damaged kidney and improving kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of its characteristic treatments.

All in all, dialysis just can relieve the symptoms temporarily, but it can not repair kidney damage and protect kidney function. Therefore creatinine level will always elevate. If you are interested in Chinese Medicine Treatments or want to get rid of dialysis naturally, please feel free to ask ONLINE DOCTOR for help or leave message below.

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