Home Remedies to Shrink Renal Cyst 5.5cm

2017-01-06 16:42

Hello, I would like to know more information on Home Remedies to shrink Renal Cyst, please. One of my cysts was 3.5cm in 2015, but now it is 5.5cm, and I have a second one 1.4cm.

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Home Remedies to Shrink Renal Cyst 5.5cm

To be frankly, Renal Cyst is irreversible. If it is not controlled well, it will become large and affect kidneys. The above you said shows the fact that Renal Cysts are developing always. Thus prompt and effective treatment is necessary.

What is the treatment for Renal Cyst 5.5cm?

Generally speaking, when the size of cysts is less than 3cm, patients do not need to take treatment except regular checkup. However, the size of your renal cyst is 5.5cm, so you had better take treatment timely and prevent the progression of renal cysts.

Surgery is often recommended by the doctor to remove renal cysts.

Although its effects are fast and simple, it will cause kidney damage, such as bleeding, infection, etc. at the same time, it has great risk of relapse which will further damage kidney if take surgery.

Alternative of surgery: Chinese Medicine Treatments helps shrink Renal Cyst 5.5cm

In China, Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute, we create a new therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to help shrink renal cyst 5.5cm naturally. Compared with surgery, it is a better and more effective method. It can inhibit the excretion of cystic fluid, increase the permeability of cystic wall and its inside and outside pressure, so that fluid can flow out freely. Renal cyst 5.5cm will shrink naturally. In addition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also can prevent kidney from inflammation, coagulation, repair damaged kidney tissues and cells and improve kidney functions gradually.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as a home remedy can shrink Renal Cyst 5.5cm naturally. If you want to shrink Renal Cyst naturally without surgery, please leave message below or send us email to huaxiainstitute@hotmail.com or contact our ONLINE DOCTOR for free. We will do utmost to help you.

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