Is There Any Natural Treatment Can Reverse Proteinuria Due to Hypertension

2016-12-25 11:48

Is There Any Natural Treatment Can Reverse Proteinuria Due to Hypertension?

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Proteinuria,Hypertension,Natural TreatmentThe reason for Proteinuria due to Hypertension is that long time hypertension without control is easily to lead to kidney damage. So that if people with this kind condition want to reverse proteinuria, they have to repair the damage on kidneys due to hypertension.

Of course, if you want to repair the damage due to high blood pressure, you have to control blood pressure at first.

High blood pressure can make blood vessels fragile so that protein which should be retained in body leaks into urine. When pressure to blood vessels reduces, protein leakage will decrease as well. Proper diet and timely medicine are good for patients to control hypertension. Try to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, keep good emotion are helpful for that too.

As long as blood pressure controlled well, the next step for patients should be repair the damage on kidneys.

Kidney damage related with kidney function which has closely relationship with proteinuria. In our hospital, we do not take dialysis or hormone for patients to repair kidney damage. Because they can not repair the damage, but will increase side effects on people or kidneys. Systemic Chinese medicine treatments for this kind of patients is the primarily way.

Over here, I will tell you about one of our Chinese medicine treatment-- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for you. It is external application treatment which do not have pain on people. It can dilate blood vessels to lower high blood pressure and increase blood flow into kidneys. It can also block blood clotting to ensure that blood flow is smooth in body. Besides, it can degrade immune complexes and remove them out of body to eliminate kidney inflammation and reduce proteinuria.

There are still have a lot of other Chinese medicine treatments for patients with Proteinuria which are natural ways without side effects. If you want to know more about them, please leave us a message or send email to us now. We will try our best to help you.

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