FSGS with Creatinine 3.6 and BUN 94 Holistic Treatment in China

2014-04-01 22:35

My sister, 49 years old, is suffering from FSGS with creatinine 3.6 and BUN 94. I am just trying to find any holistic treatment in China for her disease. Could you please help us? Wait for your kind reply. Thank you very much!

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Hello, Sir, you have consulted us about your sister's diagnosis of FSGS with creatinine 3.6 and BUN 94. It's our duty to share helpful advice. Hope it really helps!

We are afraid that your sister's current condition of FSGS with creatinine 3.6 and BUN 94 is quite severe. Generally speaking, people with similar case have entered into Stage 3 CKD. This is a critical point to get prompt treatment in order to stop the disease's progression or even reverse the kidney impairment.

Holistic treatment is available in China to help manage her disease well. Here, we would like to recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Different from traditional oral drugs, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application of Chinese herb medicine. Patients lie on bed to get treatment. It is just like a massage. Interested to learn more details? Click Here to watch the video introduction.

If your sister can take effective treatment in time, she can definitely prevent Kidney Failure and live a fully, normal and healthy life. Whenever there is still anything unclear, feel free to ask us. Take care please!

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