Is Kidney Transplant the Perfect Treatment for Kidney Disease

2016-12-09 13:54

I know someone who had a kidney transplant at 14 years old and they are 28 now. Will they eventually need another new kidney as they get older? Thank you.

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If the new kidney is controlled well, the patient just need to take some medicines under the construction of the doctor that will be ok, if not, they may need to face another operation. But no matter how, kidney transplant can not solve all the problems for once, even the new one is under control, you also need to take medicines to maintain it.

That is to say, most people think kidney transplant is a perfect choice for their kidney disease, while as a matter of fact, it is not.

What should be the perfect choice for patients?

In order to avoid those new problem induced by Kidney Transplant, the best way is to avoid it, so the cure method plays an important role and the earlier you can get the proper treatment, the more chances you can get to avoid it.

While even people can find the disease at the early stage, but they also can not avoid transplant just due to lack the proper treatment. For this kind of patients maybe Chinese medicine treatment is a good choice for them to avoid kidney transplant by regulating blood circulation and improve the kidney function, they can cure the disease from its root.

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