Kidneys Work at 10% Is There Any Chance to Recover Or Avoid Dialysis

2014-03-30 14:26

Doctor said that my kidneys only work at 10% with high creatinine level 8.8 and BUN 40. Is there any chance to recover or any kind of solution to stop the dialysis process? Please suggest us what to do in this condition. Please help us.

kidney disease expert

Hello, Sir, we have got your message regarding your diagnosis of kidneys work at 10% with serum creatinine 8.8 and BUN 40. Given below is our suggestions for your reference.

Firstly, we would like to tell you that many patients with similar cases have avoided dialysis successfully with the help of Chinese medicine treatment. So you should be confident in our holistic approach. This is the first step to achieve good curative effects.

Your current condition of kidneys work at 10% with creatinine 8.8 and BUN 40 is quite dangerous. Prompt treatment is needed to lower the high levels and stop the disease's aggravation.

Though there is still not yet a cure for your disease, systematic treatment known as Top Seven TCM Therapies is available to prevent further decline of renal function, improve the microcirculation, remove blood stasis, repair the impaired kidney cells and tissues, and greatly raise the overall renal function. Specific treatment methods should be chosen depending on your individualized diagnosis. You are invited to learn more about our featured treatments by clicking Here

What else you want to know:
How can I get this treatment?
How can I get this treatment in my countries?
How much does this treatment cost?
What is the duration if I receive this treatment in your hospital?
What should I prepare to your hospital except visa?
How can I go to your hospital?

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