Stage 4 Kidney Disease: 16% Kidney Function and High Blood Pressure

2014-03-28 23:23

My 60 years old uncle has been diagnosed of Stage 4 Kidney Disease with 16% kidney function and high blood pressure. Can you give me more information about correct treatment for his disease? He is very weak now. Please offer help.

kidney disease expert

Hello, Sir, wish you a nice day. Your inquiry regarding your uncle's condition of Stage 4 Kidney Disease with 16% kidney function and high blood pressure has been received.

As to your uncle's disease, corresponding treatment should focus on repairing inflammatory damages. Then further decline of kidney function can be stopped and high blood pressure could be lowered. We have treated many similar cases. In general, with 16% function reversed, there is still chance to avoid dialysis.

You can talk with his kidney doctor for such an effective treatment. If you would like to get personalized suggestions, please Email us at with his test report or detailed disease information. Our kidney experts will analyse it and reply you promptly within 24 hours.

In China, TCM remedies have widely used in clinical to treat kidney failure and help patients avoid dialysis or a kidney transplant. The curative effects are always satisfying. If you are interested to learn more detailed introduction, please check Here. Hope it really helps for your better understanding of managing your uncle's disease. Keep well!

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