How To Reverse ESRD Without Dialysis And Kidney Transplant

2016-11-23 11:04

This kind of patients is common to see treated by dialysis and kidney transplant. Can we reverse it without them?

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Reverse ESRD,without Dialysis And Kidney Transplant,Chinese MedicineHow to Reverse ESRD without Dialysis and Kidney Transplant? ESRD-- end stage renal disease, as the name shows, it is used to describe the worst illness condition of kidney disease. This kind of patients is common to see treated by dialysis and kidney transplant. Can we reverse it without them?

As a matter of fact, dialysis and kidney transplant for ESRD is not necessary, they have to consider about the specific illness condition to choose treatment. For some patients who still have normal urine output and do not have symptoms, dialysis and kidney transplant should be avoided, because this is also a kind of way to protect exist kidney function.

For some patients with severe symptoms and uncomforts, some of them do really need to take dialysis, but not sure about that.

I know both of you do not want to take dialysis and kidney transplant, so now I will tell you some other treatment which have great help for reversing ESRD.

What is the treatment for ESRD get reverse?

Micro-Chinese Medicine, Foot bath therapy, full bath therapy, oral Chinese medicine and so on, all belong to Toxin-Removing Therapy, which is a kind of treatment can replace dialysis to clean toxins in blood. As long as medicine get into kidney lesion, they will repair damage on kidneys to make the illness condition under control at first, improve hypoxia and hypoxia of kidney cells through supplement necessary nutrition and blood for kidneys. With this kind of treatment, times of dialysis will be reduced gradually or avoided effectively due to more and more kidney function recovered.

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