Is There Anything to Worry about People with Creatinine 1.8

2016-11-07 11:27

Some people told me that her father has creatinine 1.8md / dL, she is very worrying about that now.

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Control Creatinine 1.8,Recover Kidney Function,Chinese MedicineIs There Anything to Worry about people with Creatinine 1.8? Some people told me that her father has creatinine 1.8md / dL, she is very worrying about that now.

Normal creatinine level in blood is 0.5-1.3mg/dL. Creatinine 1.8 is not very high compared with reference value; however this does not mean there is nothing to worry.

What does creatinine 1.8 mean for common people?

Creatinine is a common waste produced in our body and it is always measured to reflect kidney function as kidney is responsible for excreting excess creatinine in blood.

When only a very small amount of nephron are injured, residual kidney function is potent enough to remove excess creatinine in blood. Therefore, in early stage of kidney disease, creatinine level does not increase at all. Also, this is the reason why kidney disease in early stage causes no symptoms or discomforts at all.

Clinical studies show that creatinine level begins to increase when about a half of kidney tissues are injured. Therefore, although creatinine 1.8 is not very high, but it means kidney function has been impaired severely.

What to do with creatinine 1.8?

Creatinine 1.8 is higher than the reference value, but it is not high enough for patients to start dialysis. Under such a condition, with comprehensive treatment, kidney function can be restored partially and creatinine level in blood can be lowered down effectively.

Comprehensive treatment for creatinine 1.8 includes:

Well-planed diet, restore of kidney function, healthy life style, active prevention of cold and infection.

Of course, if you want to restore kidney function, Chinese medicine can help you without hormone or side effects. If you want to know about Chinese medicine for restoring kidney function and controlling creatinine level, please contact with us, we will try our best to help you.

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