FSGS with GFR 25 and Creatinine 3.5 How to Avoid Kidney Transplant

2014-03-21 23:30

My 17 years old brother has FSGS with GFR 25 and creatinine 3.5. Doctors suggest us to wait for kidney transplant when creatinine level reaches to 7 and we heard that many transplant cases had been failure. Please advise what can we do?

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Hello, Sir, as you said your 17 years old brother has been diagnosed of FSGS with GFR 25 and creatinine 3.5. His current condition is at Stage 3 Kidney Disease. With timely treatment, he can definitely prevent Kidney Failure and kidney transplant. Given below is our suggestions for your reference.

It's true that prognosis of FSGS patients after transplant is not good. The risk of the disease returning in the transplanted kidney varies from 20-50%. Over half of the patients with recurrent FSGS in their transplant will lose their kidney within 5 years.

So it is wise for you to take prompt and effective treatment to stop further progression of his disease or ever reverse his renal damage. In this way, kidney transplant can be avoided successfully.

As for the most advanced treatment to deal with your brother's FSGS with GFR 25 and creatinine 3.5, holistic approach known as Hot Compress Therapy is recommended. This is an innovative development of herb medicine. Through external application, this therapy can work to normalize the high creatinine level, repair the damaged kidney, and greatly improve the GFR level. To learn more details, please check Here.

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