Permanent Solution for Polycystic Kidney Disease and Creatinine 3.7

2014-03-19 21:38

Hello, doctor, I am from India, my husband is suffering from Polycystic Kidney Disease with creatinine 3.7. I would like to know more information on permanent solution for his disease. Please share your kind help. Thanks!

kidney disease expert

Hi, Madam, we have got your query regarding your husband's diagnosis of Polycystic Kidney Disease and creatinine 3.7. Please do not worry. We will try our best to share useful information.

In order to find a permanent solution for his problem, we firstly need to find the underlying cause of his symptoms. In his case, the root cause of high creatinine level is due to severely damaged kidney function from gradually enlarged cysts in the kidneys.

Therefore, you are suggested to find an effective treatment to prevent further growth of renal cysts, shrink the cysts in size, repair the impaired renal function and restore the kidney structure. Only in this way, his disease can be fundamentally treated.

You are advised to consult his kidney doctor for the most suitable treatment with the above curative effects. Besides, we also would like to recommend a natural option called Hot Compress Therapy for your reference. This therapy has shown surprising treatment effects in normalizing high creatinine level in Polycystic Kidney Disease. Would like to learn more detailed introduction? Please click Here.

What else you want to know:
How can I get this treatment?
How can I get this treatment in my countries?
How much does this treatment cost?
What is the duration if I receive this treatment in your hospital?
What should I prepare to your hospital except visa?
How can I go to your hospital?

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