Creatinine 4.6 after Kidney Transplant Holistic Treatment in China

2014-03-04 19:49

Hello, my cousin had kidney transplant 3 years back. Now it got rejected and doctors suggested transplant again. At present, he has high creatinine 4.6. Could you please suggest holistic treatment in China for his condition? Need your urgent

kidney disease expert

As you said, your cousin has kidney transplant 3 years back. Now his new kidney got rejected with elevated creatinine 4.6. For his case, another transplant would be helpful for him. However, the transplanted kidney may fail again.

Actually, it is wise for his condition of creatinine 4.6 after kidney transplant to choose alternative Chinese medicine treatment. If treated in time, the second transplantation can be avoided successfully. Natural option called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is just such kind of treatment.

Other than symptomatic method, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a holistic approach that aims at eliminating the root cause of high creatinine - dysfunction of the kidneys.

Herb medicine contained in this therapy can work effectively to remove harmful substances out of the body, provide a clean internal environment, protect the transplanted kidneys, and repair the impaired renal intrinsic cells. Over time, kidney function can be greatly enhanced.

In case you are interested to learn more detailed introduction of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, please check Here. It's our pleasure to share helpful information.

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