50 Years Old Diabetes & Stage 5 CKD with Creatinine 7.9 on Dialysis

2014-03-03 22:30

My wife, 50 years old, is a patient of Diabetes and Stage 5 CKD with creatinine 7.9. Now, she undergoes dialysis 2 times per week. Could you please offer helpful advice for her better improvement? Thanks very much.

kidney disease expert

Hello, Sir, how are you? You just consulted us about your wife's kidney disease. Sorry to hear her diagnosis of Diabetes and Stage 5 CKD with creatinine 7.9 on dialysis. Given below is our suggestions for her. Hope it really helps!

As is known, dialysis is a renal replacement therapy which helps remove wastes out of the body and lower high creatinine level. For your wife's case, her creatinine level is still too high while undergoing this therapy. Effective strategies should be taken as early as possible to decrease the high level and stop the disease's further progression. You are suggested to consult her kidney doctor for such kind of treatment.

While undergoing dialysis, we would suggest her to take alternative treatment to prevent further loss of renal function, repair the damaged kidneys, and maximally promote the kidney capacity. One of effective therapies with such treatment effects is Blood Pollution Therapy. To learn more detailed introduction, please Contact Us.

If you still have any question about managing Diabetes and Stage 5 CKD with creatinine 7.9 on dialysis. Please feel free to let us know. Glad to share helpful advice!

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