Holistic Chinese Herb Medicine for Diabetes and Creatinine 3

2014-03-02 22:27

My father is suffering from Diabetes and creatinine 3. I heard there are holistic Chinese herb medicine that can be taken to help with his problem. Could you please offer further help? Thanks!

kidney disease expert

According to your description, your father is living with Diabetes and creatinine 3. It is true that there is holistic Chinese herb medicine for his disease. Please do not worry. We will try our best to share help!

Your father's diagnosis indicates that there are high toxins depositing in his internal body and more than 60%-70% of nephrons of the kidneys have been damaged. It is a very critical stage. With timely treatment to clear up his internal toxins, repair the damaged kidney tissues, and improve the kidney function, his illness can be reversed and stay away from dialysis or transplant in the future.

As for holistic Chinese herb medicine for your father's Diabetes and creatinine 3, we would like to recommend a natural option known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Different from traditional oral herb medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application without adverse effects to human body. Based on each patient's unique diagnosis, the best medicine prescription will be given to help treat Diabetic Kidney Disease effectively by removing harmful things out of the body, protect the residual kidney function, repairing the impaired renal cells and tissues, and recovering the overall kidney capacity.

To learn more information about our featured treatment, you are invited to click Here to watch the video introduction. Anything unclear? Please let us know. 

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